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South Western Railway advises passengers to use taxis amid severe weather disruptions

Updated: Mar 31

Image credit: Dynamo Motors

South Western Railway advised passengers to use taxis amid severe weather disruptions on Thursday.

Rail travel across the South Western Railway network is facing significant disruptions due to severe weather conditions, including flooding and strong winds. The rail operator confirmed that seven weather-related incidents occurred on Thursday night, affecting various parts of its network.

Key locations hit by these disruptions include Haslemere in Surrey, Salisbury in Wiltshire, Feltham in south London, Gillingham in Dorset, and Wokingham in Berkshire. The adverse weather conditions have led to flooding and trees falling onto tracks, posing a considerable challenge to the rail services.

In response to the ongoing disruptions, South Western Railway has issued guidance advising passengers to book taxis for their journeys. The step is part of the operator's efforts to mitigate the impact on travellers and ensure they can reach their destinations despite the rail network's challenges.

The rail operator said on social media: "Due to the level of disruption on our network, our customers are authorised to book their own taxi to travel."

Passengers affected by the disruptions are being reassured that they will be eligible to claim a refund for their journey. The rail operator also highlighted that while it expects services to return to normal by tomorrow, travellers should check the latest updates before setting out.

This is not the first time South Western Railway has resorted to taxis to assist passengers during service disruptions. A similar arrangement was made in January following the chaos caused by Storm Henk, demonstrating the operator's commitment to providing alternative solutions in times of need.


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