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ST THOMAS’ HOSPITAL U-TURN: Taxi drivers CANNOT drop on ramp and MUST go through car park barrier

Ariel map image credit: Google Maps

Taxi drivers dropping off sick and elderly patients at London’s St Thomas’s Hospital must now access the hospital’s car park after hospital officials U-TURN on original drop-off plans.

Just last week cabbies were originally offered THREE-MINUTES to drop-off and pick-up at the bottom of the ramp leading into the hospital.

Frustrated London cabbies have recently been handed Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) for dropping patients and hospital visitors at the central London hospital which prompted the original allowance. However, according to trusted trade sources the drop-off agreement ‘isn’t working’ due to cabs ‘blocking the road’.

According to trade representative, Heather Rawlinson, who has helped hundreds of taxi drivers appeal PCN’s, the hospital have now asked taxi drivers to enter the car park through the barriers at the bottom of the ramp to drop off passengers.

Cabbies will be allowed 15-minutes to disembark passengers free of charge, before being forced to pay for parking.

Rawlinson said via social media: “I’ve just spoken with St Thomas’s Hospital re dropping off. They have said that dropping off at bottom of the ramp isn’t working, as taxis are blocking the road.

“Therefore, can you drop in the car park through the barrier. You will get 15 minutes.”


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