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Stevenage Borough Council set to consult public on possible 10 percent increase in taxi fares

Stevenage Borough Council has announced that they are to seek public consultation on whether or not to increase taxi fares in the area by 10%.

The proposals come as part of the council's annual review of taxi fares and tariffs, and there are three options available to choose from.

One option would be to increase only the mileage, while keeping the initial fare at £3.60 and increasing Tariffs 1, 2, and 3 by 10%.

The second option would be to increase the initial fare by 20 pence, from £3.60 to £3.80, and increase the tariffs as well by 10%.

The third option is to freeze the fares and tariffs at their current rates.

The council has stated that all additional and soiling charges will remain unchanged, with the maximum allowable additional charge being £2.00. The maximum soiling charge will remain at £50 for any reason.

Residents of Stevenage are encouraged to take part in the consultation and voice their opinions on the proposed changes to taxi fares. The new tariff system is slated to take effect from 20 July 2023, subject to the final decision of the council after the consultation process is completed.


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