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Stolen Private Hire Vehicle recovered in Birmingham following police chase on Christmas Eve

Image credit: West Midland Police Traffic

West Midlands Police successfully recovered a stolen private hire vehicle after a brief pursuit in Birmingham on Christmas Eve, leading to an arrest.

The incident was reported by a Traffic spokesperson for the West Midlands Police via social media.

According to the spokesperson, the ‘taxi’ had been stolen just a few hours before police officers spotted it on the streets of Birmingham. What ensued was a short chase, culminating in the driver abandoning the vehicle and attempting to flee on foot. However, the police were quick to respond, resulting in the apprehension and arrest of the individual for theft.

A West Midlands Police Traffic spokesperson said via social media: “This Taxi had been stolen from the owner a few hours prior before we saw it on Christmas Eve in Birmingham.

“Following a short pursuit the driver thought he would have better luck running, 1 in custody for theft.“


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