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STONED: York taxi driver fails to overturn ban after claiming he unknowingly smoked cannabis vape

A York taxi driver caught drug driving has failed to regain his driving licence after claiming he unknowingly smoked a cannabis contaminated vape.

York Crown Court heard that 58-year-old Timothy Duckitt was “stoned” on cannabis whilst driving above the speed limit.

According to The York Press, the cabbie was convicted of drug driving and banned from driving at York Magistrates' Court last year.

Duckitt appealed to the higher court to have his ban overturned. The driver told the courts he had been the unknowing victim of a contaminated vape pen and had no idea that cannabis had entered his body.

However, after hearing Duckitt’s appeal, a defence witness, Judge Simon Hickey and two Magistrates rejected his account.

According to The York Press, Judge Hickey said: “He had ingested cannabis late at night, he was stoned, and the reason he was driving a van far too fast was he was under the influence of drugs.”

Duckitt’s driving ban appeal was rejected and he remains banned from driving and working as a taxi driver.


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