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STRICT NEW POLICY: Sefton taxi drivers face FIVE YEAR BAN for mobile misuse

In a significant policy overhaul, Sefton Council have announced tougher consequences for licensed drivers caught using hand-held devices while driving.

The revised driver convictions policy, embedded within national statutory standards, introduces a five-year disqualification for this offence, marking a stringent move towards road safety and passenger protection.

Previously, the convictions policy covered a broad spectrum of offences, with penalties primarily focused on crimes resulting in death, sexual offences, and drug-related crimes, among others. However, the latest amendments highlight a shift towards addressing modern-day road safety concerns, particularly the dangers associated with mobile phone use behind the wheel.

This update forms part of a wider effort to align with the Department for Transport's (DfT) Statutory Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Standards, aiming to safeguard passengers, including children and vulnerable adults. The policy changes underscore the increasing importance of responsible driving behaviours and the rigorous standards expected of licensed drivers.

In addition to the new disqualification for hand-held device use, the policy sees general increases in disqualification periods for other offences, and introduces measures against exploitation and discrimination. It also aligns with regional efforts across the Liverpool City Region to standardise policies, ensuring consistent enforcement.

The policy adjustments come after consultations with trade representatives, revealing some resistance, particularly against the new mobile phone use penalty.


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