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TAX CHECKS: Taxi and PHV accountants Eazitax launch new ‘Operator Partnership Programme’

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Image credit: Eazitax

Taxi and private-hire accountants Eazitax have launched a new Operator Partnership Programme to help drivers with new conditionality tax checks and mitigate losing more drivers from the industry.

The new Operator Partnership Programme is a a free programme and a first of its kind for the industry. Eazitax are pledging to deliver free help in several areas. The Operator Partnership Programme includes:

  • Tax Training: Eazitax will build tax training into operator’s onboarding. This will include a choice of easy-to-digest webinars, videos or written materials.

  • Drivers Tax Issues: With permission, Eaxitax can communicate with drivers and provide confidential advice on their tax issues.

  • Driver Discounts: Eazitax will create a dedicated landing page for each operator, giving their drivers a monthly discount on their tax returns.

  • Expenses App: When operators join the partnership, every one of their drivers is given access to a specially designed expenses app.

  • Happy Drivers: Drivers will have their taxes taken care of, confident that their financials are in order.

Gary Jacobs, Managing Director of Eazitax, said: “Today’s operators exist in a much different world than they did even 5 years ago. The arrival of clean air charges, driver status issues and the rise of tech is making it harder for taxi and private hire drivers to maintain their bottom line. On top of that, HMRC now expects operators to take a hands-on approach to the tax problems of their drivers. Eazitax believes their initiative can bring huge value to an operator's onboarding process.”

Jamie Holden, Marketing & Partnerships Manager at Eazitax, said: “Eazitax has been an industry-leading trade accountancy firm for the last 25+ years. This free scheme will allow us to provide valuable free training to drivers about something that is often a source of worry: tax!

“We have already begun working with operators to provide onboarding support and the results have been brilliant.”


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