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TAXI ACCESS STAYS: TfL's changes to London Bridge and Borough High Street made permanent

In the summer of 2020, Transport for London (TfL) implemented changes to London Bridge and Borough High Street with the aim of promoting walking and cycling in the area. Originally introduced as temporary measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TfL decided to extend the changes as an experiment to assess their impact. Following a six-month public consultation period, TfL has now announced its decision to make the changes permanent.

During the consultation, TfL received a total of 1,938 responses, with 27 of them coming from stakeholders. The feedback received from the public played a crucial role in shaping TfL's final decision. The consultation report, now published by TfL, not only provides a summary of the responses received but also outlines the organisation's response to the issues raised during the consultation process.

After carefully considering all the responses, TfL has decided to retain the changes on a permanent basis. This means that the modifications to London Bridge and Borough High Street, which have transformed the area to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists, will continue to be in place. The decision comes with a commitment from TfL to closely monitor the performance of the scheme and continually engage with local residents and businesses to ensure that the changes benefit as many people as possible.

London’s black cab taxis will retain access to London Bridge at all times. Private hire vehicles will not be allowed access between 7am-7pm Monday to Friday.

The permanent retention of these changes reflects TfL's dedication to promoting sustainable modes of transport and creating a safer and more accessible environment for pedestrians and cyclists in London. By prioritising public transport, walking and cycling, TfL aims to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and promote healthier lifestyles.

While the decision is welcomed by many advocates of active travel, it has sparked mixed reactions among stakeholders. Some local businesses have voiced concerns about potential adverse impact on their operations, such as reduced accessibility and increased delivery challenges. TfL acknowledges these concerns and assures continued engagement with local businesses to address any issues that may arise.


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