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Taxi association Chairman questions TfL's classification of pedicabs as 'public' transport

The Chairman of the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA) has questioned Transport for London’s (TfL) reference calling pedicabs a mode of ‘public transport’.

The Pedicabs (London) Bill, announced during the recent King's Speech, aims to provide TfL with the power to control various aspects of pedicab operations. These proposed regulations include the authority to set fares, introduce licensing requirements, and implement criminal record checks for pedicab drivers.

In response to the proposed regulations, Brennan expressed his bewilderment over TfL's classification of pedicabs as 'public' transport. He highlighted the contradiction, recalling that TfL had previously denied the status of London's taxi trade as a form of public transport.

Brennan said: “The Pedicabs (London) Bill announced in the King’s Speech could hand power to Transport for London to regulate pedicabs, including controlling fares, requiring licenses and ordering criminal record checks.

“In the reporting and resulting articles came a statement from TfL that stated ‘Pedicabs are the only form of unregulated public transport in London, and as such impact the safety of the capital’s road network, as well as customers being charged well-documented rip-off fares.’

“My question is, who at TfL decided that Pedicabs were ‘public’ transport? Remember this is the same TfL who, prior to our Bishopsgate court case kept insisting London’s taxi trade weren't even a form of public transport! It beggars’ belief.”


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