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TAXI CHARGING: Can a LEVC TX charge at a Tesla Supercharger?

As more and more electric vehicle (EV) models are released into the market, one question that frequently arises is whether non-Tesla EVs can use Tesla’s exclusive charging infrastructure. Specifically, for London taxi drivers, many users of TX electric taxis wonder whether they are able to charge their vehicles at 120KW Tesla Superchargers.

The answer, unfortunately for TX drivers, is no. Tesla Superchargers are exclusive to Tesla vehicles and are not compatible with other electric vehicles.

However, TX drivers need not despair. Even without access to Tesla Superchargers, the electric taxi has good charging capabilities that allow for efficient charging. In fact, the TX has access to a range of charging options including slow, fast, and rapid charging via different sockets, which can maximise use of the available on-street charging infrastructure.

Slower charging options such as the standard UK three-pin plug and Type 2 socket (delivering under 7 kW) may be more suitable for overnight charging, while fast charging options like the Type 2 AC (delivering up to 22 kW) can quickly top up the battery in just over an hour. For even faster charging, TX drivers can take advantage of rapid charging options such as the Chademo or CCS (delivering up to 50 kW), which can provide a significant amount of charge in as little as 20-30 minutes.

In addition to these charging options, TX drivers can utilise a range of off-street charging options such as public charging stations or home charging units. With the proliferation of public charging stations in urban areas and increasingly ubiquitous home charging units, the range anxiety that many electric vehicle drivers used to experience is gradually easing, especially given the TX has an inbuilt range extender.

Finally, it is worth noting that while Tesla Superchargers may be off limits to non-Tesla EVs, Tesla themselves have been expanding their charging infrastructure with the addition of their Destination Charging program. This program provides charging units to hotels, restaurants, and other locations across the world, allowing drivers of any electric vehicle to charge up while they visit these locations.


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