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TAXI CHARGING: How long does it take to charge a LEVC TX?

Image credit: LEVC

If a cabbie is looking for a green and efficient way to transport passengers in urban cities like London, Edinburgh and Birmingham it's likely that cabbies are considering the LEVC TX.

The LEVC TX is a plug-in hybrid range-extender electric vehicle that can run on pure electric mode for up to 63 miles, and then switch to a petrol generator for an additional 317 miles of total range. This means you can enjoy the benefits of zero-emissions driving without worrying about running out of power.

But how long does it take to charge a LEVC TX? The answer depends on the type and power of the charging station you use. The LEVC TX boasts the most flexible and fastest charging options, giving drivers marketing-leading charging capabilities. It has two charging sockets: one for AC charging (Type 2/CCS) and one for DC rapid charging (CHAdeMO). The AC socket can accept up to 22 kW of power, while the DC socket can accept up to 50 kW of power.

According to LEVC, the AC charging time for a LEVC TX is as follows:

  • 3-pin domestic plug (3 kW): 8 hours

  • Wallbox (7 kW): 4 hours

  • Fast charger (22 kW): 1.5 hours.

The DC rapid charging time for a LEVC TX is as follows:

  • Rapid charger (50 kW): 30 minutes.

Of course, these times are approximate and may vary depending on factors such as battery temperature, state of charge, and ambient conditions. However, they give you an idea of how quickly you can top up your battery and get back on the road.


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