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TAXI CHECKS: Two ‘out of area’ cabs handed IMMEDIATE prohibition notices in Ribble Valley

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Image credit: Ribble Valley Police

Ten taxis were given the once over in Ribble Valley which resulted in two out of town cabs being handed immediate prohibition notices.

Police worked with Ribble Valley Council Taxi Enforcement and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on Friday 14 October to conduct a day of vehicle checks.

Three faults were found on vehicles licensed outside of the Ribble Valley area. Two vehicles were handed immediate prohibition notices.

A Ribble Valley Police spokesperson said: “In conjunction with DVSA Vehicle inspector (formally VOSA), Ribble Valley Council Taxi Enforcement and Ribble Valley Police, a Check and Enforcement Day was held.

“Ten taxis were checked for licencing, insurance and Vehicle faults. DVSA basically carried out a roadside MOT.

“Three Vehicle faults were identified and two vehicles given immediate prohibition notices and were taken from the road until the faults were rectified.

“Every Ribble Valley licenced cab passed the stringent test, unfortunately the two issued prohibition notices were not Ribble Valley licenced taxi's and were from outside our Borough.

“Well done to our local cabbies. Further enforcement days are being planned.”


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