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TAXI CROSS-BORDER PILOT: Wolverhampton and Milton Keynes Councils agree shared enforcement plan

Milton Keynes Council will receive delegated authority from the City of Wolverhampton Council, until the end of September 2024, to share jurisdiction that aims to fortify the oversight of taxi and private hire vehicle operations.

Underpinning this decision is the objective to authorise Milton Keynes City Council’s Enforcement Team Lead to perform compliance checks under Sections 68 and 73 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976. This legislation touches upon the fitness of vehicles and the conduct expected to not obstruct officers during investigations.

This cross-council collaboration is seen as a response to the evolving needs of public safety and the effectiveness of compliance efforts. With over 200 Wolverhampton-licensed private hire drivers and vehicles currently operating within Milton Keynes, the move seeks to close regulatory gaps that could be exploited due to jurisdictional limitations.

The scheme, proposed as a pilot, is set to be revisited with a detailed report post-September 2024, aiming to assess its impact and future viability. In addition to immediate benefits such as the capacity to suspend vehicle licences for safety breaches, the arrangement facilitates a streamlined approach to enforcement actions across council lines.

Financially, the initiative is positioned to proceed without additional burdens on either council's budget, underlining a cost-effective approach to public safety enhancements. Legally, the arrangement finds its footing in the Local Government Act 1972, which allows for the delegation of functions among authorities.

As the councils embark on this experimental partnership, the outcomes could set a precedent for how local governments collaborate on regulatory enforcement in the UK.


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