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Taxi driver transports and assists police in locating shop thief fleeing on electric scooter

Image credit: Greater Manchester Police North

A quick-thinking taxi driver played a pivotal role in assisting Greater Manchester Police North officers in locating and apprehending a shop thief who attempted to make his escape on an electric scooter.

The incident took place at a local supermarket situated on Old Church Street in Manchester. As the suspect made a hasty exit from the store, police officers from Greater Manchester Police North were alerted by vigilant staff who reported that the individual had attempted to steal items. The officers immediately instructed the suspect to halt, but he decided to defy the command and drove off on his electric scooter, flouting a red traffic signal in his haste.

Undeterred by the suspect's attempt to evade capture, the officers gave chase on foot. However, their pursuit was fortuitously aided by a taxi driver who readily offered his assistance. The driver quickly transported one of the officers to the street where the suspect had last been seen, greatly enhancing the chances of locating the fleeing thief.

Thanks to the taxi driver's help, the officers successfully located the suspect, who was discovered hiding in a nearby garden. Further examination led to the discovery of additional stolen items in the possession of the 43-year-old male.

Consequently, the suspect was immediately placed under arrest on suspicion of theft, driving without a licence and insurance, possession of tools for theft, and failing to comply with police order. As of now, he remains in police custody for further questioning.


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