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Taxi drivers handed THREE-MINUTES to drop off at St Thomas’s Hospital after cabbies receive fines

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Image credits: Unspash (taxis) / Google Maps

Taxi drivers dropping off sick and elderly patients at London’s St Thomas’s Hospital have been allowed THREE-MINUTES to drop-off and pick-up following a raft of fines dished out to cabbies.

London cabbies have recently been handed out Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) for dropping patients and hospital visitors at the central London hospital. Frustrated cabbies received the fines after allowing passengers to disembark at the foot of the ramp leading into the hospital’s car park.

According to one well respected cabbie and trade representative, Heather Rawlinson, who has helped hundreds of taxi drivers appeal PCN’s, the hospital have now provided some extra leniency towards black cab drivers who have little other drop-off options.

Rawlinson said via social media: “After negotiations with St Thomas’s Hospital, I’ve been informed that they will allow three minutes for drop off and pick up at the bottom of the ramp. Do not block off the crossing and road way and do not leave your taxi unattended.”

Some taxi drivers remain concerned that three-minutes still does not allow enough time to help those using wheelchairs.

Rawlinson added: “I’ve mentioned that wheelchair drop offs will take longer. They’ve said to contact them if there’s a problem with a ticket.”


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