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Taxi drivers in Saudi Arabia must offer FREE taxi rides if meter is not started during the journey

Taxi passengers in Saudi Arabia must now be offered FREE taxi trips if the driver fails to start the taximeter at the beginning of or during the journey of a cab ride, say sources.

According to the Saudi Gazette, Transport General Authority (TGA) has said all cabbies must use the meter on board cabs and passengers will be able to submit complaints should the driver fail to do so.

Whilst it is common practice for most taxi drivers around the world to use a taximeter, mistakes around the starting of the device can sometimes occur.

The TGA’s also announced a host of further new measures that taxi drivers must now adhere to. These included all cabs having e-payment devices available, tracking devices installed, free available WiFi and receipt printers.

From 12 July 2022, all taxi drivers will also be asked to wear a designated uniform. Drivers not complying with the new uniform will likely face fines from the TGA.


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