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TAXI FOR ISRAEL: LEVC’S global expansion continues with launch of iconic TX and VN5

Image credit: LEVC

LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) today announced its next step internationally as it enters the Israeli market, appointing EV Motors as its official importer.

LEVC’s launch of the TX and VN5 in the region expands the company’s global green footprint, with vehicles now available in countries such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Egypt and now Israel.

With demand for sustainable mobility solutions rapidly increasing, EV Motors has identified many target markets for LEVC’s products in Israel. Key use cases for the iconic TX taxi include on hotel fleets for airport shuttle runs, zero emission operation by taxi firms in urban areas and, thanks to its purpose-built accessibility, transportation in the healthcare sector. For the VN5 electric van, demand is expected from businesses who need to deliver refrigerated food and medicine, as well as by utility fleets – such as water, gas and electricity companies.

Joerg Hofmann, LEVC CEO, said: “I am pleased to announce further expansion to our global network with the appointment of EV Motors in Israel. This new partnership supports LEVC’s mission to deliver an ambitious export strategy by 2024; achieving over 60% export volume. Israel is seeing a rapid increase in demand for greener transport and, together with EV Motors, we will be in a good position to maximise this opportunity with our innovative electric commercial vehicles.”

Based in the city of Netanya, established in 2018, EV Motors is the only automotive importer in Israel that focuses solely on electric vehicles and EV charging solutions. During the last few years, despite the global pandemic, EV Motors has kept growing and developing the infrastructure necessary to successfully sell, service and operate commercial EVs. It operates 15 nation-wide service points that are dedicated to EVs and continues to help install charging facilities across the country. As a green and sustainable supporter, the goal of EV Motors is to support the transition from ICE vehicles to electric in Israel.

Image credit: LEVC

Ofer Segal, EV Motors Vice President of Marketing and Sales, said: “Israel is home to some of the world’s leading technology start-ups who are setting new standards for e-mobility and electric vehicles. LEVC’s TX and VN5 are a very timely addition to the e-mobility market as Israel continues to invest heavily in EV infrastructure. We are united in our desire to use zero emissions capable transport to develop a greener, less polluted and more sustainable transport model across the country.”


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