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Taxi industry files for permission to challenge Mayor ‘Streetspace' appeal ruling at Supreme Court

Taxi industry groups have now filed for permission from the Supreme Court to challenge the ‘Streetspace’ appeal ruling, confirms sources.

In June Transport for London (TfL) was granted its appeal against a High Court judgment led by the capital’s taxi industry over street access.

The result of the appeal related to a High Court judgment on 21 January which challenged the Mayor and TfL’s Plan, associated Guidance issued to London Boroughs and the Order concerning a specific Streetspace scheme, the A10 Bishopsgate Corridor in the City of London, removing taxi access to a key arterial route.

The appeal result was seen as a bitter blow to taxi trade bodies United Trade Action Group (UTAG) and the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA) who brought the claim against TfL and also to the taxi industry as a whole.

Earlier this month a 34-page judgment was published. The three appeal justices described Mrs Justice Lang’s original ruling as “seriously flawed” and that the Bishopsgate scheme was “misconceived”.

On Friday the trade bodies behind the legal action filed for permission to appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

A Chiltern Law spokesperson said via social media: “Our application for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court was filed and served yesterday. As ever, thank you to all those who contribute."


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