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TAXI TARIFFS: Windsor taxi drivers request starting daytime tariff to DOUBLE from £3 to £6

Taxi drivers licensed in Windsor and Maidenhead have asked for the starting minimum fare to DOUBLE from £3 to £6 during the daytime tariff and from £4.50 to £9 during the nighttime tariff.

Rising fuel prices and increases to the cost of living prompted the taxi industry to register a petition with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council.

There are also 10% increases to the fare proposed on the distance travelled and increases in the fees charged on luggage.

Councillors on the licensing panel are set to consider the request on Tuesday 5 July.

81% of taxi drivers have voted in favour of the proposed tariff changes. Their petition read: “We, the Hackney Carriage drivers of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, petition the Licensing Panel to raise the rates of Hackney Carriage fares. We feel that with the rises in the cost of living, that now is an appropriate time to update the current tariff. We also wish for the Council to increase the fare price for normal vehicle hire. We would also like the fare of a people carrier rate to be increased to a time and half tariff.”

The preceding tariff review back in October 2016 saw an increase of 15% in the tariff.


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