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TAXI TAX CHECKS: untied and Eazitax partner up to support drivers through HMRC’s new tax checks

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Image credit: Eazitax / untied

Personal tax app service untied is partnering with accountants Eazitax to help the taxi and private-hire trade shift quicker to new Tax Conditionality rules around licensing and keep drivers on the road.

The firms want to provide drivers and operators with a unique combination of industry expertise and accessible technology at a time of change within the industry.

April 2022 is seen a landmark moment for the taxi and private-hire trade. From 4 April 2022, drivers will have to prove that they are registered and either paying or ready-to-pay tax. It is a ‘condition’ of being licensed to be a driver, which is why HMRC are calling it Conditionality.

If drivers are unregistered and not ready-to-pay tax, they won’t be licensed to drive. This will undoubtedly mean, after the April deadline, that some drivers are unable to work. untied and Eazitax are working together to help drivers meet their obligations, ensuring that drivers stay on the road.

Kevin Sefton, untied CEO, said: “We clicked with Gary and the team as soon as we met. Together we can reach more drivers at scale and this partnership brings together two best of breed propositions - a great combination of untied’s technology with Eazitax’s strength of relationships and hands-on experience in helping drivers and operators. This is particularly important at a time of significant change in the sector.”

Gary Jacobs, Eazitax CEO, said: “Conditionality is the biggest thing that has happened to the private-hire industry for a long time, and HMRC’s timing isn’t great. The industry is still in recovery from the pandemic, and it’s important that operators get the support they need. Conditionality will affect half a million people. By working with untied, we aim to make things easier for everyone involved. untied has great software that’s easy-to-use for drivers and allows us to support our clients with technology.

“Eazitax and untied’s partnership will mean a greater product offering for their clients with a new suite of taxation products, for clients who are tech-savvy or tech-phobic.”


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