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TAXI TESTER: Transport for London on the look out for new Knowledge of London Examiner

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Transport for London (TfL) are currently recruiting for the role of Knowledge of London Examiner, responsible for delivering efficient and transparent topographical assessments to maintain the high standard of the Knowledge required by licensed London Taxi Drivers.

What does the role entail and what kind of experience is needed?

The successful candidate will play a crucial role in providing guidance, advice, and support to new applicants and existing licensed London taxi drivers. Additionally, they will investigate route-related complaints made against drivers, fostering a fair and consistent approach within the industry.

Key responsibilities include delivering the All London and Suburban taxi driver topographical Knowledge test, ensuring that all applicants meet the required standard before being issued with a licence. The examiner will conduct examinations in an open and transparent manner, accurately documenting Knowledge appearances and providing candidates with relevant and constructive feedback.

Furthermore, the examiner will collaborate with the Knowledge of London Manager to offer support and guidance to new applicants and existing licensed London taxi drivers through regular face-to-face meetings and written correspondence. The examiner will be responsible for scheduling Knowledge of London assessments and examinations to meet key performance indicators as directed by the manager. They will also assist in the investigation of route-related complaints when required.

Continuous improvement of the Knowledge of London examination process is a key aspect of the role. The examiner will work closely with the Knowledge of London Manager to identify and implement efficiencies and improvements throughout the end-to-end process, ultimately enhancing the experiences of drivers and applicants.

Alongside maintaining and updating their own topographical knowledge through on-street activities, the examiner will contribute to the knowledge base of their team and share relevant information. Proficiency in IT, including various Microsoft Office applications, is vital for responsible documentation and program management.

Applicants must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills to effectively engage with individuals at all levels. Confidence, patience, and diplomacy are necessary traits, enabling the examiner to interact effectively with potential applicants as well as members of the public. Strong assessment abilities are also required, enabling the examiner to make sound recommendations based on evidence.

To be eligible for the role, the applicant must hold a valid driving license and have passed the All London taxi examination, showcasing a good knowledge of the taxi and private hire trades. Additionally, candidates should have experience working in a high-pressure office environment and dealing with the public regularly.

This recruitment effort by TfL reflects their commitment to maintaining high standards within the London taxi industry. The role of the Knowledge of London Examiner is crucial in ensuring that licensed drivers possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide exceptional service to the public. As London's transportation landscape evolves, TfL aims to uphold its key objectives and strategy while addressing the needs of both drivers and passengers.

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply for this important position, which will contribute to shaping the future of London's taxi trade.

And what‘s the pay like if you land the job? The successful applicant would likely net around £37,000 per year.


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