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Taxi trade hails ‘Orange Ribbon’ remembrance campaign respecting those lost during the pandemic

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Image credit: London Taxi PR

London Taxi PR and trade supporters have hailed the launch of a new ‘Orange Ribbon’ remembrance campaign in respect of those who were sadly lost during the coronavirus pandemic.

At the launch taxi driver Dale Forwood received an honorary ribbon presented to her by political figure Ms Farah London, in memory of her brother Tony who was also a Taxi driver.

The Orange Ribbons are available from KPM & Cabvision at Lukin Street and Russell Square green Taxi shelter. London Taxi PR hope to add more locations in the coming weeks, and are available for a minimum donation of £5 each.

All monies raised will be divided equally between the respective taxi charities. The charities include the Cabmens Shelter Fund, Taxi Charity for Military Veterans and London Taxi Charity for Children who were all present at the launch.

Andy Scott from London Taxi PR and Farah London also appeared on Talk Radio with Rob Rinder, whose father and grandfather were both taxi drivers, to talk about the launch.

A spokesperson from London Taxi PR said: ‘We came up with the idea of the Orange Taxi Remembrance Ribbon. Orange, to reflect and symbolise the For Hire light, and a ribbon, as that has been used as a sign of recognition by a number of charities and organisations. The idea is that the ribbon will be seen as a symbolic sign of remembrance and worn with pride.

“We also wanted to ensure that any monies raised would be for the benefit of all the respective charities, not just one person or body, so therefore all monies raised from the sale of the ribbons will be distributed between them all so everyone will benefit.”


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