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TAXI VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Poppy Cabs offering free taxi service to war veterans on Remembrance Sunday

Image credit: Poppy Cabs

On Remembrance Sunday, 12 November, Poppy Cabs will once again provide its invaluable free taxi service to veterans attending events in London.

The service aims to ensure that veterans can easily and comfortably reach the various commemorative ceremonies and gatherings held throughout the city.

Poppy Cabs is a volunteer-based organisation that coordinates a network of taxi drivers offering their services free of charge to veterans on Remembrance Sunday. This heartfelt initiative not only honors the brave men and women who have served their countries, but it also demonstrates the community's gratitude and support for their sacrifices.

Cab driver and Poppy Cab Coordinator, Mike Hughes, understands the importance of providing transportation assistance to veterans who may face challenges in attending Remembrance Sunday events. No veteran should be hindered from participating in these important ceremonies due to transportation limitations.

To ensure the success of the Poppy Cabs service on 12 November, additional volunteers are urgently needed. Volunteer taxi drivers are required for two time slots: from 8am to 10am at all main line stations, Victoria Couch Station, Victory Services Club, and the Union Jack Club, and then later from 12.30pm to 4pm at Westminster Bridge.

Those interested in contributing their time and support to this honourable cause are encouraged to contact Mike Hughes via email at

By volunteering, individuals can play a crucial role in helping veterans reach their destination safely and on time, ensuring that they can actively participate in Remembrance Sunday events.

The Poppy Cabs service acts as a lifeline for veterans, providing transportation assistance when it may otherwise be difficult for them to navigate London's transport system. The service not only offers practical support but also serves as a symbol of respect, acknowledgment, and unity within the community.


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