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Taxiapp reports 150% increase in London taxi passenger app downloads after successful 2023

Image credit: Taxiapp

Taxiapp, a partly driver-owned booking platform for licensed black cab drivers in London, has reported a successful 2023 with passenger app downloads up by over 150% compared to the previous year.

The black cab app that launched as an alternative to the major ride-hailing apps, offers a service that is managed and operated by the drivers themselves.

In a successful 2023, the app also reported a 70% increase in driver app downloads and an encouraging 35% increase in rides completed when paired with data from 2022.

Taxiapp’s aim for the London taxi industry is to provide a fairer model for drivers, allowing them to retain the full value of the metered ride.

The app connects passengers directly with licensed black cabs, supporting the traditional taxi industry in the face of increasing competition from multinational ride-sharing companies.

In a recent feature on YouTube cabbie channel ‘Mark’s Taxi Diaries’, the host Mark Monroe speaks directly with the people behind Taxiapp to discuss special unique selling points like the absence of surge pricing and a unique tipping system dubbed "Bribe Your Driver".

The revealing video also discusses how the app charges no commissions and offers significant ownership and voting rights on major decisions. Customers enjoy metered rates with no surge pricing and support local drivers directly with 100% of the meter's price going to the driver.

Taxiapp’s Martin Franks told TaxiPoint: “Taxiapp in 2023 built a solid foundation of active drivers and passenger downloads while increasing ride coverage.

“The aim of Taxiapp for 2024 is to continue growing and improving the driver and passenger experience.”


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