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TaxiPoint April 2024 Edition: Exclusive insights into the UK taxi industry

TaxiPoint Magazine, the authoritative source for the UK taxi sector, has published its 60th edition this April, featuring a host of exclusive stories from across the nation.

This month's cover highlights a significant update from HMRC, mandating all taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) operators to report driver earnings via their software systems.

In other exclusive news stories, Uber has unveiled more about the recruitment of drivers for its new 'UBER BLACK CAB' service, with details on the rollout strategy now public. This initiative marks a pivotal expansion for Uber into traditional black cab services.

A groundbreaking legal cross-border hiring courtroom judgment could now set a new precedent for taxi and private hire vehicle licensing across jurisdictions, potentially reshaping the regulatory landscape for operators and authorities alike.

The durability of the LEVC TX model is in focus, with a review after 150,000 miles of service, providing valuable insights into its longevity and performance. There’s also financial comparisons drawn between the operational costs of hackney carriages and PHVs, highlighting the economic challenges faced by owners.

And amid economic pressures, a revealing piece discusses why many taxi drivers are opting against using rapid chargers for their electric vehicles, prioritising cost over emission reduction.

Additional sections in the edition cover a wide array of topics, including business strategies, regional updates, and the latest enforcement news, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the sector's landscape.


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