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TaxiPoint Magazine November 2023: Mixed fortunes for taxi drivers who are thriving or surviving

The highly anticipated November 2023 edition of TaxiPoint Magazine, Edition 55, has hit the digital stands, offering a wealth of news, views, and insights from the taxi industry.

With a wide range of captivating stories, TaxiPoint continues to enthral industry readers across the UK.

Since its launch in May 2019, the magazine has garnered an impressive 4.8 million reads, solidifying its position as the industry's leading publication. With a devotion to covering all corners of the UK, TaxiPoint serves as a vital resource for taxi drivers, providing a platform for discussion, awareness, and industry updates.

The latest edition covers a diverse range of topics, shedding light on both the triumphs and challenges faced by taxi drivers in 2023. From London drivers experiencing growth amid regional disparities, to the push for taxi vehicle age limits, the magazine highlights the industry's evolving landscape.

Other stories in the November 2023 edition include:

  • Tax Law: All taxi and PHV driver revenue made via digital booking platforms will be reported to HMRC

  • Matteo de Renzi: Gett CEO addresses driver questions in black cab interview

  • The Oversaturated Taxi Driver Market: No winners in the long run

  • PHV VAT: Which licensing authority will be first to break rank?

  • The New Ford Tourneo Custom: A new option for the taxi trade?

  • Border Wars: The ongoing debate over cross-region taxi licensing in the UK

  • Monthly fuel update

  • Business News

  • UK Taxi News

  • Regional Taxi News

  • London Taxi News

  • UK Taxi Enforcement News

With its vast range of stories and insights, the November 2023 edition of TaxiPoint Magazine promises to be an informative and essential read for taxi drivers across the country. The publication continues its mission of keeping the industry informed and engaged.


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