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Teen arrested after stolen Uber vehicle rams police car and knife found

Image credit: WMP Traffic

West Midlands Police apprehended a 16-year-old following a chase involving a stolen Toyota Prius, licensed as a private hire vehicle for Uber.

The incident culminated in the young driver ramming a police car before crashing into a residential front garden.

West Midlands Police Traffic officials disclosed that officers from the Road Crime Team spotted the stolen vehicle shortly after its theft. The ensuing pursuit took a dangerous turn when the teenage driver decided to ram a police car in a desperate bid to escape. However, his attempt at evasion was short-lived as he lost control, resulting in the vehicle's crash.

The suspect then attempted to flee on foot but was swiftly apprehended and arrested by police officers after a brief chase. Further escalating the situation, officers discovered a large knife in the teenager's possession, highlighting the potential threat posed during the incident.

The vehicle, identified as a Toyota Prius displaying Uber stickers in images shared, also highlights the risks faced by private hire vehicles in the area.

A West Midlands Police Traffic spokesperson said: “Road Crime Team officers saw this Toyota Prius in Alum Rock a short time after it had been stolen.

“The 16 year old driver rammed one of our cars before crashing onto a front garden and decamping but he was quickly arrested following a foot chase.

“We also found his large knife.”


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