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Test Your Taxi Knowledge: Can you pinpoint these SEVEN most asked W1 London postcode places?

Ever wonder what it takes to become a taxi driver in London? Beyond the steering wheel and the meter, there's a rigorous test known as "The Knowledge", a requirement for every black cab driver in the city.

This demanding process involves memorising every nook and cranny of central London, including streets, landmarks, and places of interest.

To give you a taste of what candidates face, we've put together a mini quiz featuring some of the locations a London cabbie might need to know. How well do you know your city? Can you match these famous spots with their corresponding streets in the W1 postcode?


1. Where is the Marriott Marble Arch Hotel located?

2. Can you pinpoint the street for 34 Restaurant?

3. On which street will you find the Marylebone Hotel?

4. What's the location of the exclusive club, Annabel’s?

5. The Marriott Park Lane Hotel is on which street?

6. Where does the Radisson Blu Edwardian Bond Street call home?

7. And finally, the Embassy of Argentina is located on?


How did you do? This quiz barely scratches the surface of the exhaustive Knowledge test that London's prospective taxi drivers must pass. A Knowledge student must learn upwards of 10,000 places to gain their licence.

It's a testament to the dedication and skill of the city's cabbies, who navigate the labyrinthine streets of the capital with ease, ensuring passengers reach their destinations efficiently and safely.

Next time you hop into a London taxi, you'll know the incredible depth of knowledge your driver possesses.


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