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TfL ordered to backtrack after FLIP-FLOPPING on private hire driver's licence renewal decision

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Transport for London (TfL) have been ordered to overturn their decision to refuse a private hire driver a renewal licence following a legal challenge assisted by Taxi Defence Barristers.

Taxi Defence Barristers say that TfL received information from the private hire driver's operator and found, after consideration, that it was not sufficient to compromise the ‘fit and proper’ status of his licence.

Following their initial decision, TfL subsequently reversed their position in relation to the driver's fit-and-proper status and decided to refuse the applicant a renewal.

Taxi Defence Barristers launched an appeal but say the bench at the Magistrates' Court, did not appreciate their argument which highlighted TfL's backtracking, and the appeal was subsequently denied.

This didn't deter the driver's legal representation, who lodged a further appeal to the Crown Court.

Taxi Defence Barristers were able to demonstrate the conflicting decisions of TfL.

A Judge agreed with the law firm and found that following a review of information received, TfL had determined that the applicant continued to be a fit and proper person and that he concurred with that decision.

He went on to question why, with no additional information, TfL determined the opposite and refused the renewal.

The Judge upheld the appeal and according to the Taxi Defence Barristers, invited TfL to be more careful to ensure a consistent application of their policy.


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