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The low cost 370-mile range XBUS Prototype gets set for 2022 production

Image credit: ElectricBrands AG

The fully functional prototype of the XBUS - previously known as eBussy – is now entering its next phase.

The first series model of the new modular universal vehicle will be rolling off the production line in Itzehoe in mid-2022.

The presentation of the series-ready XBUS prototype marks the beginning of a revolution in the future class of lightweight vehicles.

Ralf Haller, founder of ElectricBrands AG, who started thinking about this kind of concept about three years ago said: "The time is ripe for the XBUS.

"Looking at the growing congestion on the roads, bigger and bigger cars cannot be the answer. We need smart, versatile, and sustainable concepts that preserve individual mobility and personal lifestyle for all of us - without exhaust emissions, but with comfort, acceptable range and suitable speed. Which is exactly where we're going with the XBUS."

The ambitious goal of ElectricBrands AG was to develop one of the most innovative, sustainable lightweight electric vehicles in the world, with a mix of technology, usability, design - and fun.

The result: the XBUS. A modular universal vehicle that meets the criteria of the L7e-B2 light vehicle class. This means: electric drive, net weight under 600 kg, transport for up to 3 people, continuous power 15 kW, peak power 56 kW and a top speed of 100 km/h. The dimensions: 3.96 x 1.64 x 1.96 (off-road: 2.03) and, depending on the module, up to a 1,000kg payload.

Image credit: ElectricBrands AG

One of the biggest criticisms levelled at most electric cars is the range. The XBUS manages up to 600km (370 miles), and even more with solar panels on the roof.

The XBUS is a ready for both trade and commerce, but also a leisure vehicle with long-distance credentials too. And it's all in one - converted in no time. Two chassis options are available: the XBUS City and the XBUS Off-road with more ground clearance. Both options are available as a basic Freedom version or with eight different modules. Modules can be exchanged in a very short period of time by the driver. The eight different options are created by combining the available modules.

Image credit: ElectricBrands AG

ElectricBrands will begin manufacturing the XBUS in Itzehoe from mid-2022, initially creating up to 1,000 jobs locally as well as in the upstream supply chain and sales. Most of the suppliers - especially for key components - will come from Germany or nearby European countries. The starting price for the basic version of the XBUS will lie well under €20,000 including VAT in German.


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