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The Taxi Centre expands to meet growing demand for LEVC taxis in Scotland

Image credit: The Taxi Centre

A year after becoming Scotland's leading retailer of London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) vehicles, The Taxi Centre is set to expand its services with the introduction of a new aftersales facility and the appointment of a new Edinburgh-based sales representative.

The Taxi Centre's partnership with LEVC has played a central role in revolutionising the taxi industry in Scotland, particularly in cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, where local authorities have implemented Low Emissions Zones to combat air pollution.

Recognising the growing demand for LEVC vehicles in these cities, The Taxi Centre has appointed two dedicated sales representatives - Jordan Walker and James Welsh. Their roles involve facilitating test drives, taking orders, and organising roadshow events throughout the year. These events give customers the opportunity to experience the LEVC vehicles firsthand, while enjoying a cup of coffee and a friendly chat.

To further support the brand's growth strategy and provide a seamless experience for drivers of LEVC vehicles, The Taxi Centre has established a fully operational aftersales facility in the heart of Glasgow City Centre. This facility will aim to ensure that drivers have minimal downtime and access to local servicing options, including warranty work.

The company anticipates making further investments to expand its sales and servicing team to cater to the rising number of LEVC vehicle users in Scotland. As more local councils push forward plans to limit pollution and work towards achieving the country's net zero ambitions, drivers are increasingly looking at electric and hybrid vehicles.

LEVC customers in Scotland continue to benefit from the Plug-in Taxi Grant (PiTG) Government Scheme, which is applicable across the UK. Additionally, they can take advantage of the Energy Savings Trust Switched on Taxis loan, exclusive to Scotland. These incentives further encourage the adoption of eco-friendly transportation solutions and support drivers in transitioning to more sustainable options.

Gregor Mackie, Divisional Operations Director of Vertu Ventures within the Vertu Motors group, of which the Taxi Centre is part of, said: "Our partnership with LEVC has been a journey of learning and growth. The LEVC TX has been a game-changer for taxi drivers in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Drivers who have made the switch consistently describe it as a transformative experience that has made their work more enjoyable.

“We’re certainly geared up for a bright future of continued expansion and sustainability, while providing taxi drivers with the innovative solutions they need to thrive in this evolving landscape.

“We’ve been supporting drivers with a specialist taxi and hackney cab offering for more than 20 years, and now we’re at the forefront of the next generation of vehicles, with the LEVC TX being a particular favourite. It has all the styling of a classic cab but with the modern technology that is not only greener than other vehicles, but also makes a journey comfortable for passengers and drivers.

"The LEZs have presented unique challenges for our hackney drivers, with many being affected due to the absence of age limits on their vehicles. Thankfully there are schemes in place to support drivers to make the switch and we’re able to support them through the process.”

Daniel Cross, UK Operations Director of LEVC, said: “LEVC are delighted to have The Taxi Centre as our partner in Scotland and we look forward to continuing the relationship and growth of the iconic TX across the region.

“Scotland has always been one of our key priorities given it has historically been the largest market outside London, and I am confident with The Taxi Centre as our partner we can continue to grow this relationship between ourselves and the taxi trade.

“With the continued support of the Energy Savings Trust and the Plug-In Taxi grant, combined with the lower running costs of the new TX, the Taxi Trade across the whole of Scotland can take advantage of the most beneficial packages available in the UK.

“For LEVC, it is critical that we can support our customers in both sales and aftersales and The Taxi Centre have the capacity and resources to do just that. We look forward to continued success for the taxi trade in Scotland and working in partnership with The Taxi Centre and everyone connected with the trade.”


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