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TIME IS MONEY: CEVE offers unique nighttime taxi servicing package that cuts down on lost shift time

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Image credit: CEVE

A new unique time-saving electric taxi maintenance service has been launched which will allow cabbies to have their cabs serviced as they sleep.

City Electric Vehicle Engineering (CEVE), located in Chelmsford, Essex, announced the new ‘Service while you Sleep’ package this week, which aims to minimise taxi driver downtime and maximise their working hours potential.

Included in the unique CEVE over-night package is home collection of the vehicle, a full nighttime service and inspection on the electric black cab, and then finally delivery back home before the refreshed cabbie starts their next working shift.

CEVE’s next available nighttime slot listed is Tuesday 22 November, where limited spaces remain available.

A CEVE spokesperson said via Facebook: “Time is money, especially in the taxi industry, so make the most of our newest offer that you won't find anywhere else.

“Our new campaign is ‘Service while you Sleep’."

The spokesperson added: “Benefits? No time off work. No time wasted dropping off your taxi to our authorised repair centre. No need to waste time waiting for your vehicle, and absolutely no hassle!”


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