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TIPPMEE: Taxi and PHV tipping payment firm expanding fast throughout UK

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Image credit: tippmee

Taxi and private hire tipping payment firm tippmee are expanding quickly by partnering with operators and individual cabbies across the UK.

tippmee is a new cashless way for passengers to tip taxi and private hire drivers during journeys, which uses personalised headrest covers and inserts that include a unique driver QR Code and NFC technology.

The tipping payment firm has built up a UK network of taxi and private hire operators which includes Wellman Cars, Panther Cars, Spearhead Cars, Driven Taxis, Go Luton, Dial a Cab Ireland, Central Cars, North Lanarkshire Private Hire and over 500 independent drivers.

They are also forming international partnerships, with tippmee working with Oakville United Taxis in Canada and a future focus on expansion in North America coming soon.

The service works by passengers simply scanning or tapping the headrest covers to leave a tip. Passengers on board can make the contactless mobile payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay or any Debit/Credit card.

Drivers wishing to join tippmee are charged a £20 annual fee, plus a 1% transaction fee on each payment taken.

Jason Rivolta, Co-Founder and CEO of tippmee, said: “The business seems to be growing from strength to strength as we start to understand the market and the need for cashless tipping for drivers.

“As more and more passengers are pre paying for their hire and wanting to tip for a fantastic drive and drivers relying on tips via APPs, tippmee is proving to be the preferred way to receive tips."


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