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TOILETS FOR CABBIES: GMB says it’s a ‘basic human right’ as taxi drivers struggle to find facilities

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Toilets for taxi and private hire drivers, courier and road transport workers are a ‘basic human right’ GMB congress heard.

During the union’s annual congress, which took place in Brighton this month, attendees were told a lack of public toilets left drivers forced to ‘go’ anywhere, sometimes leading to prosecution and job losses, or they urinated in a bottle.

GMB delegates called for local authorities to reopen the thousands of public toilets closed to save money.

Mike Tinnion, GMB London Region Delegate, said: “This is a health and safety issue for professional drivers.

“Can you imagine being stuck behind the wheel and needing to use a toilet knowing there isn’t one you can use?

“If you risk not using a proper facility you can face prosecution and can lose your job. It’s degrading and embarrassing.

“I have heard of some real horror stories about what drivers are forced to do when they cannot find a toilet to use, and it’s worse for women.

“It’s scandalous and a problem that has been ignored for too long.

“Access to sanitation a basic human right. Reopening thousands of closed public toilets for all road users must happen as soon as possible.”


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