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TORBAY TAXI TALLY: Council seeks public input on licence limits

Torbay Council is inviting feedback from taxi drivers, businesses, and passengers to assess whether the current cap on hackney carriages meets the area's needs.

The council enforces a strict limit, allowing only 169 vehicle licences at any given moment.

This move comes as part of a triennial review, mandated by the Department for Transport (DfT), to evaluate if the existing number of licenced taxis satisfies public demand in Torbay.

The comprehensive study undertaken in 2023 involved over 600 hours observing taxi ranks, conducting more than 100 on-street interviews, and engaging with various stakeholders and groups within the taxi industry.

Initial results indicate that the demand for hackney carriage vehicles has remained consistent with findings from the previous survey in 2020. Despite stable demand, the study highlighted an increase in passenger waiting times at taxi ranks this year.

Before any policy adjustments are made, the council is set to consult the public on potential changes. This consultation period commenced on 26 February and will conclude on 19 May. Following this, a detailed report will be presented to the Licensing Committee, who will then decide on the future course of action regarding taxi licence allocations in Torbay.

Residents, taxi professionals, and business owners are encouraged to share their views during this critical consultation phase, influencing a decision that directly impacts the efficiency and availability of taxi services in Torbay.


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