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TUBE STRIKE pushes Uber prices FOUR TIMES HIGHER as customers complain online

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Users of the Uber ride-hailing service complained of HIGH PRICES when compared to usual journey costs, as strike action and a lack of drivers in the capital hits customer wallets.

Londoners experienced severe disruption on five Tube lines (Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria) on Friday following strike action called by the RMT Union.

The planned action will also disrupt Night Tube services on the Central and Victoria lines from the evening of Saturday 27 November and Night Tube services throughout December.

Users of the minicab app saw fares increase up to FOUR TIMES in some instances. A lack of available drivers since lockdown easements began has also pushed the company’s fare price up at times of increased demand.

One user, David Mayers, displayed a journey which usually costs £5.50 costing £22.32 yesterday. Mayers wrote on social media: “Uber seriously? For a journey that should cost £5.50?”

Another customer, Joshua Hayward, contacted Uber Support saying: “Uber are robbing b**tards, trying to charge me £16 to go 10 mins down the road. Absolute joke."

Hayward added: “Drivers don't accept fares under £4 but anything £6 or over they are all fighting to accept.”

Another user said: “Why is Uber over charging this morning?? Uber absolutely disgusting and extortionate.”

Another user of the global operator asked Uber Support UK to explain how a 0.6 mile journey cost £15.53.

Another asked Uber Support: “Just wondering, are you struggling to meet demand in London? It doesn’t matter what time of day or which day I always have the message ‘fares increased due to demand’ or ‘no drivers available’. Its a joke. Supposed to be on demand?”

Since April 2021 Uber have been looking to recruit an additional 20,000 private hire drivers in the UK.


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