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Two Bournemouth taxis ‘REMOVED FROM SERVICE’ after night of enforcement

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Image credit: Dorset Traffic Cops

Two taxis in Bournemouth were ‘removed from service’ on Saturday night after a police and council licensing operation.

‘Operation Carriage’ was conducted by officers from Bournemouth Police, BCP Council and Dorset Traffic Police. The operation was aimed at enforcing locally licensed and unlicensed taxis.

Two licensed vehicles were stopped and taken off the road.

A Dorset Traffic Cops spokesperson said: “Op Carriage removes unsafe taxis. We joined Bournemouth Police and BCP Council licensing officers in enforcement of laws for licensed & unlicensed taxis in Bournemouth.

“Numerous vehicles stopped, 2 instantly removed from service due to defects or document issues.”

Earlier this year, police officers issued a warning to the public after unearthing new groups emerging on social media platforms in Bournemouth and Poole where drivers are operating unofficial taxi or lift services.

Detective Constable Christian Bryant, of Bournemouth CID, said: “Unlicensed drivers will not have undergone background checks, are unlikely to be insured to carry passengers in their vehicles which could be in a dangerous condition, and may be targeting lone and vulnerable men and women.

“We would urge the public not to use the services of people offering lifts on unofficial social media groups and instead book a lift with a licensed and reputable taxi company.

“There is an inherent risk in accepting lifts from strangers and most people wouldn’t dream of doing so, but for women travelling alone, getting into an unlicensed cab is just as risky as getting into the car of a complete stranger.”


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