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TX4 Euro 6 retrofit completes line-up of options available to taxi drivers extending life of cabs

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Image credits: Cybrand

The iconic TX4 is the final piece of the ‘Big 3’ taxi puzzle to be available for a Euro 6 retrofit via Cybrand.

Whilst TX owners have been waiting for the kit to be available certain tweaks have been made to the existing production parameters to ensure that the more heavily polluting original Euro 5 TX4 has been brought right up to date, in line with Euro 6 regulations.

The hardware for the kit is neatly installed both inside the boot of the vehicle and under the chassis, with the Adblue tank itself sited in the boot, making it very easy to fill up when required. The kit also comprises a two-piece exhaust, markedly different from those fitted to both the Peugeot and Mercedes taxis.

This is required to accommodate an extra catalytic element to deal with the increased original emissions.

The first kits were received early last month and so far, a number of cars have had their installs completed in both Birmingham and Glasgow, the latter now offering increased grant funding to owners to encourage them to retrofit and avoid emissions charges in the forthcoming Low Emission Zone.

Additional items also include full splash protection for the electronic componentry hidden away under the car, whilst the standard kit comes with a digital, dash-mounted gauge to show the remaining range from the Adblue system. The stainless-steel kit install comes with a full two-year warranty and can be completed in a single day, at one of our regional fitment centres around the UK.

As some of the age limits on taxis are relaxed in various cities this gives owners a different opportunity to extend the working life of their taxi for a minimal outlay, which for some may be a far more attractive proposition than buying new.


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