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Uber driver jailed for four and half years after abducting and sexually assaulting woman

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Image credit: Greater Manchester Police

An Uber driver working in Manchester kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman after a night out in the city centre before kicking her out miles away from her destination.

Minshall Street Crown Court heard how Uber driver, Mdsultan Mahamud, 36, subjected the terrified woman in her 20’s to a half-hour terror ride, by not allowing his victim to exit the vehicle at her home address.

Mahamud did arrive at the victim's address based in Salford, but instead of allowing her to safely complete the Uber booked journey, the courts heard that he chose to kiss the passenger, lock the doors and sexually assault her by reaching back into the rear seats whilst driving around Greater Manchester.

According to the Manchester Evening News the woman had already been the victim of a 'violent stranger rape' one year earlier. Mahamud was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.

In a statement made to the courts, the victim said she had placed her 'trust' in Uber. The woman has since moved abroad and added: "I put my trust in this service because I thought it would be the safest option.”

The victim said the attack was one of the reasons she chose to leave the country and that she no longer feels safe travelling anywhere alone anymore. She said: "He has completely broken my trust in what should be a safe method for everyone to get where they’re going. I feel like it’s basically taken away my freedom of choice, as I am always relying on the fact that someone else is available to come home with me.

"I don’t feel safe going anywhere alone anymore."

Mahamud, who arrived in the UK in 2011 from Bangladesh, had only told his pregnant wife of his crimes days before being sent to prison.

Mahamud pleaded guilty to kidnap and sexual assault and ordered to sign the sex offender's register for life.


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