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Uber refutes claims of new London Black Cab offering being linked to group action litigation timings

Uber has refuted claims linking its forthcoming introduction of Black Cabs on its platform to the ongoing legal tussle with London's cabbies.

The ride-hailing behemoth confirmed that the threat of future group action litigation spearheaded by BULit21 has no bearing on the rollout of its new service or on drivers' participation in the lawsuit.

The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) General Secretary, Steve McNamara, had earlier rallied drivers to partake in a "groundbreaking" legal challenge against Uber, insinuating that Uber’s strategy to incorporate black taxis could be an attempt to dilute the impact of the future lawsuit—a notion Uber denies.

The BULit21 litigation seeks compensation for earnings lost due to Uber’s operations from June 2012 to March 2018, potentially benefiting over 12,000 drivers already registered with individual payouts of approximately £18,000, post deductions.

Uber remains steadfast in its attempt to recruit London taxi drivers, in anticipation of the Black Cab service launch slated for this year. The initiative marks a pivotal move for Uber, aiming to integrate the city's hackney carriages into its digital fold. Despite the offer to join, scepticism remains on whether enough black cab drivers will embrace Uber’s advances.

Since its London debut in 2012, Uber has changed urban mobility, facilitating over a billion rides and securing a vast user base. The announcement in December 2023 to add black cabs to its service portfolio in London highlights Uber’s ambition to further cement the presence of taxis on its platform.

The proposed service would mirror similar collaborations in global cities such as Paris, New York, and Rome. If successful, London would join an extensive list of cities where taxi drivers have allied with Uber, stretching across 33 countries worldwide.


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