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Uber releases new Safety Check-Up feature on app

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Image credit: Uber

Uber has announced the latest steps it is taking to help improve safety on the app with the launch of the new Safety Check-Up feature.

The first phase of the rollout of the Safety Check-Up feature will encourage riders to complete their safety profile by turning on and utilising the Trusted Contacts, Verify My Ride and RideCheck features that are available in-app.

According to the ride-hail giants, all these tools have been designed to improve the safety of the Uber platform:

  • Trusted Contacts: Riders can choose their Trusted Contacts in the app and set reminders to share their trip details with them.

  • Verify My Ride: Riders can opt-in to receive a unique PIN that will automatically be sent to their driver for wireless verification. The driver will only be able to begin the trip once the correct PIN is verified.

  • RideCheck: Using sensors and GPS data, RideCheck can help detect if a trip has an unexpected long stop or a possible crash has occurred. If Uber notice such events, they will check on both the rider and driver and offer resources to help.

The new feature comes soon after Uber’s Anomaly Detection which uses new technology to detect unusual routes, prolonged stops or if a trip finishes in a different location to the destination. If any of these events occur, riders and passengers can contact emergency services via the Emergency Button if necessary. Uber’s safety team can also follow up with a call to make sure everyone is safe.

Jamie Heywood, Uber Regional General Manager, Northern and Eastern Europe, said: “The safety of everyone who uses our app is a top priority, and we’re constantly improving our safety features. The Safety Check-Up feature will encourage riders to make use of the full range of safety tools we offer to ensure they are always as safe as possible.”


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