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Uber’s 20,000 driver recruitment push comes as ‘GREATER THAN ANTICIPATED’ demand increases in the UK

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Image credit: TaxiPoint

Ride-hailing firm Uber have actively been pushing their latest recruitment drive over recent weeks which aims to see as many as 20,000 new drivers join the platform around the UK.

Speaking to TaxiPoint, a spokesperson confirmed that the demand for Uber rides has significantly increased, yet driver numbers have stayed the same, meaning the company needs more hands behind the wheel to meet customer demand.

Uber told TaxiPoint that their UK business returned to pre-pandemic levels in May, but today cities have seen demand increase between roughly 20%-40%. For example in Birmingham demand has increased by 22%, Sheffield by 30% and Nottingham by over 40%.

According to a spokesperson, such figures are much greater than anticipated, so they are now actively recruiting 20,000 additional drivers across the UK before the end of the year.

The spokesperson has said that they believe it’s a "compelling proposition for drivers compared to Bolt", as they say only on Uber, do drivers receive workers' rights - holiday pay, pension and a National Living Wage guarantee.

It has also been stressed by a spokesperson that the Supreme Court was “crystal clear” that any app that sets prices, specifies which cars can be used and manages comms with passengers will have to comply with the judgment.

A spokesperson concluded “they [Bolt] are resisting making these changes, but ultimately they will have to”.


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