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Uber submit more than 3,000 DRIVER COMPLAINTS to TfL in 12 month period

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Nearly a third of all private hire vehicle driver complaints were sent from one ride-hailing operator, Uber, according Transport for London (TfL) data.

Operators providing minicab and ride-hailing services MUST complete a form known as a PHV105 and return them to TfL if the operator dismisses a driver because of his or her unsatisfactory conduct. Operators must, as a condition of their licence, notify the regulators in writing of the name of the driver and the circumstances of the case within 14 days.

The same form can be used by an operator to inform TfL of any concerns or complaints they may have about a driver who has not been dismissed. This form can therefore be used by an operator to notify TfL if a driver has been suspended from working for the operator, but also to provide outcomes of any investigation/review they have undertaken with respect to a complaint that was received.

According to a FOI request back in November 2021 by the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU), the total number of PHV105 forms that were submitted by licensed private hire operators to the transport regulators between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021 amounted to 10,169 forms.

In a separate request TfL identified 3,146 forms were received within the same timeframes from ride-hailing firm Uber.

The number of complaint forms received by the capital’s regulator pushed past 10,000 despite demand in the sector being heavily hit during pandemic.

A spokesperson from ADCU commented on the collective number of forms received: “Uber and TfL have together generated 10,169 PHV105 forms. TfL is obviously determined to hold below minimum wage drivers to a far higher standard of compliance than they are prepared to hold Uber and other big money platforms to. Why?

“This is a question for Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.”


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