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Uber teams up with Etsy artisans for Swiftie-themed bracelet promotion during summer tour concerts

Updated: May 3

Image credit: Uber

Uber has announced a collaboration with local Etsy sellers across the UK to launch a series of specially designed, colour-coded friendship bracelets for the summer concert season.

This initiative, named ‘The Swift Lift’, is set to coincide with Taylor Swift's upcoming UK tour dates and aims to enhance the concert-going experience for her fans, known as Swifties.

The limited-edition bracelets, created by artisans in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff, and London, are not just a stylish accessory but also include an interactive element for fans.

Among these bracelets, 200 will contain a hidden code that unlocks a £20 discount on Uber Reserve, aimed at facilitating stylish arrivals at concert venues.

Uber's move comes in the wake of reporting a significant boost in local economies due to increased demand during Swift’s sell-out global tour, 'The Eras Tour'. Cities hosting the tour have seen a surge in Uber service usage, with Phoenix recording a 63% jump, the highest among them. On average, there was a 23% increase in Uber requests in cities where the tour took place.

As Taylor Swift prepares to perform in the UK, Uber anticipates a similar spike in demand, reflecting the substantial influence of Swifties on service industries tied to music events.

Andrew Brem, General Manager of Uber UK, said: “Uber has seen first-hand the ‘Swift Lift’, with a noticeable rise in demand when the superstar comes to town, and we expect the same uplift in demand with her UK tour dates. With hundreds of thousands of fans attending the concerts every weekend Taylor is here, our riders will be depending on Uber more than ever to get home safely.”


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