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Uber user calls out ride-sharing firm over "ridiculous route" taken

Yet another Uber user has called out the firm over a route taken by one of its driver partners.

Calling the journey an "absolute disgrace", Daniel Ollerton called for a refund of his £90.88 after it appears the driver took a massive detour to get to his requested destination.

Venting his anger on Twitter, Daniel wrote: "@Uber_Support @Uber @UberUKsupport @UberUK have you ever seen a more ridiculous route taken! Not appropriate at all! Almost double the miles of the normal route! I want a refund! Absolute disgrace."

Daniel added in reply to Uber UK support, who had asked for more feedback: "I have submitted the form. Please could someone get back to me ASAP as I'm now financially out of pocket.”

In the past week, TaxiPoint have reported on a number of similar incidents of unusually longer routes being taken by Uber drivers, sparking debate over why it's becoming more of a regular occurrence.

Some readers have suggested the longer route is taken purposely by drivers to increase their earnings, with mainly intoxicated passengers falling victim to the alleged scam.

Another possible explanation is the drivers' lack of geographical knowledge, sparking the debate over whether drivers should be expected to complete a more in-depth exam before being granted a private hire driver licence.

What's your thoughts.... Why does this keep happening and who is to blame?

Image credit: Twitter - @DanielOllerton


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