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UBER: "We have completed changes to our business model as required by law" say firm as prices rise

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Ride-hailing app Uber have now completed the changes to their business model required by law since losing a High Court ruling, the company has said.

The Silicon Valley giants have now officially increased their fares around the UK but have said they are not at a stage to reveal how their new pricing structure is implemented in different cities just yet.

A spokesperson for Uber told TaxiPoint: “We have completed the changes to our business model as required by law. Other operators in London are also required to make changes to their models to comply with the relevant law.

"Uber operates in an intensely competitive market and we are committed to always offering consumers affordable prices. As always, riders will get a trip price before booking their journey.”

The additional VAT is said to be charged within the fare and not displayed to the passenger.


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