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‘UNFORTUNATE’ PASSENGER: Police seize Bradford taxi for lack of insurance

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Image credit: Steerside Enforcement Team

Police officers in West Yorkshire seized a taxi in Bradford for a lack of insurance whilst carrying an ‘unfortunate’ passenger at the time.

West Yorkshire Police (WYP) officers stopped the vehicle in Shipley on Wednesday. After conducting checks, officers found the distinctive white Peugeot taxi was uninsured.

Officers seized the cab and the driver has been reported to licensing authorities.

A WYP Steerside Enforcement Team spokesperson said: “We stopped this Hackney Carriage licenced Taxi today in Shipley.

“It was found to be uninsured and was seized. The driver will be reported to Court and also to the local authority who deal with the licencing.

“Rather unfortunate for the fare they had at the time.”


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