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‘UNWISE’ PLAN: MPs condemn Government’s 2030 ban on fossil fuelled car sales

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

MPs come out to condemn the Government’s 2030 ban on new fossil fuelled car sales and the 'ill-informed push' for us all to drive electric.

The fresh calls come after 13 MPs and Lord Lilley have endorsed a ground-breaking new report from the APPG for Fair Fuel for UK motorists and UK hauliers.

The report brings to the attention of decision makers that the UK’s 37 million drivers also want clean air to breathe. But at the same time to show that the current unilateral Government policies for road users, whilst on the surface seem laudable, are instead set to be damaging for the economy and the Nation’s role in ‘helping out’ with global climate change.

APPG Chair, Craig Mackinlay, said: “The only thing that’s protecting the Government from electoral harm on this matter is the seeming Westminster consensus and lack of courage to stand up to the climate fanatics and say: enough!

“Sooner or later the public will rebel against this madness. Better to have the rational debate now before we fully embark on a failing and expensive experiment.”

The MP’s have called for the Government to immediately remove the threat of the 2030 ban on the sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles. Instead, it is claimed that the Government should incentivise the move to clean fuels by motivating industry and entrepreneurs to develop technologies that will not impact adversely on the economy, drivers, or businesses.

The APPG report goes on to highlight:

  • 7 Practical Recommendations to lower emissions without banning new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.

  • Expert opinions on recent Government edicts and their effective ways to reduce emissions and avoid economic doomsday.

  • Several questions of the Government on behalf of UK’s 37m drivers as to the viability and cost of the Government’s unexpected target date to ban new fossil fuelled cars and vans in 2030.

  • A ‘cradle to grave’ review of Electric Vehicles compared to Petrol/Diesel driven Transport. Highlighting safety, production, electricity supply and practicality of EVs.

  • Whether the Government has truly recognised a fair and equitable replacement for £35bn of annual Fuel Duty and VAT.

  • The largest ever survey of road user opinion, 50,000 took part, that back a series of recommendations from the APPG as to meeting the needs of reducing vehicle emissions without adopting the Government’s highly unpopular road user policies.

  • A better way to lower vehicle emissions than using ineffective ‘Pay to Pollute’ policies and cliff edge vehicle sales bans.

The Chair of the APPG, Craig Mackinlay MP, added: “In producing probably one of the most authoritative reports on the subject ever written, we have listened to thousands of road users, from cyclists, bikers, motorists, through to our vital frontline and essential much undermined commercial vehicle drivers.”

“We have put together a range of recommendations to Government that are both constructive and economically viable to help reduce emissions without hurting 37 million drivers or UK’s economy.”

“It is imperative we bring the majority of the electorate along with us in the changes being demanded of them. Not using a ton of un-consulted millstones. It must be through consultation and consensus and a rational debate about the cost and alternatives. That will mean compromises on all sides of the green agenda. Above all, using common sense and practical, achievable solutions.”

“We have shown evidence in this measured report that the current Government Road user transport plans are at best unwise and worst of all, ill-advised. It is not too late for a change of overall policy. A change that will be supported by the majority of the electorate, businesses, and all road users for a long time to come.”


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