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Veezu fuels Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation with £1,000 donation

Image credit: Veezu

Private hire operator Veezu has contributed £1,000 to the Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation.

The donation was made through the company’s Funded by Veezu programme.

This programme serves as a funding conduit for local groups, charities, and sports teams, aiming to enhance community life in areas where Veezu operates. Its grants are geared towards fostering local development and improving quality of life.

The Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation, the benevolent wing of Wolves FC, is renowned for its extensive outreach, having launched over 45 distinct initiatives throughout the city. These projects focus on advancing health and wellbeing, educational and skill development, and promoting active community engagement.

The Foundation’s efforts reach individuals of all ages and skill levels, proving essential to the city’s community.

Kieron Ansell, Wolves Foundation Business Development Manager Business, said: “We are really appreciative of the generous donation made by Veezu and would like to pass on the thanks of everyone at Wolves Foundation for the support.


“This funding is the only way we can deliver these wide-ranging works. In supporting us with this donation, Veezu are directly impacting our projects and helping us to make a positive difference in our local communities."


Graham Hoof, Regional Operations Director for Veezu, said: “The Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation does incredible work in supporting the Wolverhampton community. We are delighted to be giving back and contributing towards building better outcomes for the people of Wolverhampton.


“Working within the community is a big part of what we do at Veezu, and we want to support as many local groups and charities as we can. Funded by Veezu has already been incredibly successful in making the work of local groups and charities possible, and we look forward to making a positive impact for the Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation.”


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