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‘VOMIT FRAUD’: Uber passenger charged £110 for clean-up despite photo evidence dating back to 2015

An Uber passenger took to social media to complain about VOMIT FRAUD after it was alleged that a photo taken in 2015 was used as evidence by the driver.

The ‘Vomit Fraud’ scam has been around for a number of years since ride-hailing apps emerged. It involves staging of fake mess to justify charging a clean up fee, which is only later discovered by the passenger.

The fraud can see drivers create fake sick stains and taking pictures as proof before reporting it to their paymasters at Uber.

One user recently took to social media to share their experience. According to the user, £110 was taken from their bank account to cover cleaning costs and the time it took to clear up the mess.

However, the frustrated passenger disputed the claim and said there was no vomit throughout the journey. Upon looking into how the image was created, it was alleged that the image appears on Google searches dated as far back as 2015.

The Uber user called Brandon said via social media: “There we have it people. This Uber driver charged me a £110 cleaning fee for ‘vomiting’ which never happened.

“Well after hours of stress and rage and being told I’m a liar by Uber, the photo he used from last night of ‘my sick’ has been found. On Google, in 2015.”


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